So its been a long 7 months since i took the hard decision to close The People’s Meeple Cafe in Huddersfeild City Centre. The decision was made in order to save the business in the long haul which meant some hardship and disappointment in the short term.

What I though was going to be one maybe two months of the cafe being closed while I secured another site soon turned into a much longer and much more drawn out affair. The days turned into weeks then into months and a new site seeemed to slip further and further away.

I turned my hand to anything to keep the dream alive which in reality meant playing more boardgames and talking about more boardgames, sometimes with other and sometimes alone on both counts while forces out of my control took their sweet time making decisions on my future while I just had to sit and wait. The waiting turned into emailing and calling people far more than I should have had to just to ensure that they had read an email or talked to the person on the desk next to them.

Finally I can tell you that the next step has been completed and I am in possession of a set of keys that will gain me access to another site that I can bring the dream alive again of yummy food, awesome drinks and hundreds of brillaint boardgames….. I suppose I should also let other people enjoy the same so I will at some point in the near future open the doors to you all aswell.